From Marrakech to the bus station Marrakech to Merzouga is a daily run, which begins at 08:00 and arrives at the destination at 21:00.

From Fez:

Fez at the bus station there is a daily trip to Merzouga which begins at 20:30 pm and arrives at its destination at 7:15 am the next morning. -Entry visa is allowed to enter without a visa for tourist stays of a maximum duration of three months.

For reasons of work, study, etc. .. it is necessary to obtain the relevant visa office to apply for a diplomatic Moroccan in Italy. Passport and identity card E ‘need a passport, valid. -Only if you are in tour groups of at least 8 people are allowed to enter Morocco with an identity card valid for foreign travel.

Imperial city from morocco Fez Founded in the year 808 by Idriss II

Fez is the oldest imperial city. At first it was a mall, but soon after the ninth century, it became a cultural center. Today is the cultural capital of Morocco, and here you see and admire the souks and galleries (Kissarias). To visit: the mosque of Karaouines and its university, the oldest in the world; Mesbahia the Medersa, an old school important for its traditional architecture.

Marrakech Founded at the end of the ninth century by the veiled men came from the Sahara, Marrakech is the second imperial city. And known as the « Pearl of the South ». Visitors will appreciate the beauty of its famous monuments and tombs decorated to welcome the remains of the monarchs of the ancient dynasties. To visit: Djamaa El Fna, the great square where dancers, magicians, acrobats and tells stories offer a show without end. An hour’s drive from Marrakech is located Oukaimden that is the most beautiful ski resort in Morocco. This tour can also be combined with a visit to the valley.

Rabat Modern capital of Morocco:

Rabat is presented to visitors as a city full of hotels and flowers, thanks to its many public gardens. Rabat also has important monuments such as : the Port of Ambassadors and the Casbah of Oudaias. The city overlooking the Atlantic, has some beautiful beaches. To visit: The Mausoleum Mohamed V, a magnificent example of Moroccan architecture, where we see excellent use of traditional design. The Royal Palace and its superb monuments. Meknes Meknes is located on the road between Marrakech and Djebel Hebri. To visit: the magnificent tomb of Moulay Ismael, the monumental gates of Bab El mansour and Ber Dain. The palace of Darjamai, which is now the museum of Moroccan Arts.

Meknes is located just outside the historic town of Moulay Idriss important, with its Roman ruins of Volubilis older than 2,000 years. Casablanca the largest city of Morocco and its main port, so it is considered the economic capital. It was founded in 1575 as « Casa Blanca » (« white house ») by the Portuguese . The Hassan II Mosque is the third largest in the world, was completed in 1993. and also performs the functions of the lighthouse to the port. Boulevard Mohammed V, here you can admire the style Mauresque splendid blend of the colonial French and traditional Moroccan : examples of this style are the Cathédrale du Sacré Coeur, l’Ancienne Prefecture, the Central Post Office and the Banque al-Magrhrib, more traditional Moroccan style. The beach in Ain Diab Casablanca is definitely the entertainment capital of Morocco.

Most of the local clubs are located in this area which has become the most modern area of the Moroccan nation. The Jewish Museum is situated 5 km from the center, in the district of Oasis, is Jewish memory in the Muslim world